Most people cannot wait to get out of their parent’s homes and live on their own. As parents age, adult children can find themselves in a predicament, trying to determine if the parent/child roles will become reversed. 

Some seniors can live their entire lives independently, but health issues and cognitive concerns may make living alone unsafe. Adult children need to consider the senior living options for their parents before determining if they should make a move. 

Pros and Cons of Living with an Elderly Parent

Many adult children feel obligated to provide care for their aging parents. Although adult children should bear responsibility, that does not mean the elderly parents have to be moved into your home. Before making such a move, consider all the options. Learn about the pros and cons listed below to make an informed decision. 

Improved Safety 

Seniors living alone are more likely to become injured or ill. Elderly parents with severe health issues are at even more of a risk. Bringing elderly parents into your home can ensure their safety. You will monitor them and ensure accidents and injuries do not occur. 

Before moving an aging parent into a home, modifications may become necessary. Adult children may need to make their homes handicap accessible. These home modifications may become expensive and unaffordable for some people. 

Spend More Time Together

As children grow older and start their own families, time spent with parents becomes less of a priority. Many adult children feel guilty about the lack of time they spend with their parents. Moving an elderly parent into your home allows for better bonding. Adult children and parents can enjoy one another and spend more time together than was possible in the past. 

It is also essential to realize too much time under the same roof can lead to conflicts. Family dynamics change overnight, and some adult children may feel uncomfortable and even resentful because they no longer have privacy. These are things to consider when deciding between moving them into your home or considering a senior living community

Loss of Independence

Losing one’s independence is challenging for both senior parents and adult children. Most people want to remain independent for as long as possible. It is essential you do not make your aging parents feel like children. Although the roles are somewhat reversed between parent and child, that does not mean the elderly parent should lose all their independence. Spending time apart is critical for protecting the relationship. 

Higher Household Expenses

Moving one or more extra people into your home brings on added expenses. Adult children need to consider the needs of their elderly parents, including their diet, medical supplies, medications, and transportation. The average household spends around $5,000 extra each year when they move their parents into the home. Some people may be ill-prepared for this added expense. 

Relationship Strains

Not all children and parents have healthy relationships. Some adult children had poor childhoods and may resent being forced to care for their aging parents. Even those with the best relationships may find them strained after moving in together. 

Elderly parents with Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline may experience changes in behavior and personality. These personality changes may be disheartening and frustrating for adult children. Relationships can become strained, leading to problems in the home. 

Are There Better Options for Care?

There may be better options for elder care, depending on the health issues of the parent. Providing support for seniors is never easy. Adult children need to realize their limitations regarding providing care. Not everyone is equipped to provide the extensive care seniors may require. 

Some seniors will need memory care services if they have dementia. These services help protect the cognitive function of seniors and preserve their memory. 

Although moving senior parents into the home may seem like the best thing to do, it is not always the case. Adult children should consider the condition of their homes, their schedules, and their own physical and mental health. Remember that moving an elderly parent into the home will bring added stress and expense but is rewarding. 

Not all adult children are ready or able to become full-time caretakers. Individuals should consider their weaknesses and strengths before deciding to make any move with their elderly parents. 

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