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Isolation Can Be Harmful for Seniors

As the pandemic continues to march on strongly, seniors are seeming to suffer the most. Because they are a vulnerable population, they must often stay quarantined which can prevent them from experiencing needful socialization. With this guide, loved ones and caregivers will discover why social isolation can be so harmful to seniors. Individuals will also [...]

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Things You Should Watch For When You Visit Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

Monitoring the well-being of aging parents is complicated for California children who do not live nearby. Video chats and phone calls are helpful, but they don't tell the whole story, especially if seniors develop memory problems. Fortunately, families usually get together during the holidays, which gives younger members a chance to assess elders' welfare.  During [...]

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The Benefits Of Memory Care For Veterans

Statistical data shows an estimated 457,391 U.S. veterans were diagnosed with dementia in 2020. The current rates show a 1.7% increase in 2021. Alzheimer's disease, which is a subset of dementia, is the most common form of dementia diagnosed in the U.S. The preliminary symptoms are sudden and temporary memory loss and an increased inability [...]

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