California senior citizens can choose a luxury assisted living community that offers healthy eating choices with the Mediterranean Diet. This diet has been shown to lower the risk of dementia or to slow its progress. There is no reason a person should give up the luxury they are used to just because they have grown older and need a little extra help. One good choice for a memory care neighborhood is Summerfield of Fresno.

Luxury Senior Assisted Living Options

Unfortunately, aging does not respect money or position in society. As wealthy or famous people age, they may develop health or cognitive problems that make living in their own homes difficult. Some of these seniors have family or professional caregivers to care for them in their homes. Others need to choose assisted living communities that will care for them in a setting similar to their home. For these well-to-do seniors, there are luxury assisted living and memory care communities.

These senior living options offer lovely accommodations and the best of care when needed. They offer residents a Mediterranean diet that is healthy and pleasant to eat. Why do the better assisted living communities serve the Mediterranean diet rather than other diet choices? This is because recent studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of developing dementia or slow its progress. 

Healthy community living for seniors should include a healthy, well-thought-out diet such as the Mediterranean diet. This is a diet that easily lends itself to customization for seniors with special nutritional needs and food allergies. The senior living in Fresno, CA communities such as Summerfield of Fresno offer good food served family-style, socialization, and fun educational activities. They may have in-house beauty salons, laundry and housekeeping services, activity rooms, and exercise classes.

Each resident will have frequent health checkups and personalized care programs to treat health conditions. If medical emergencies happen, they will be treated immediately by the in-house doctor and medical staff. Residents enjoy studio apartments with plenty of space and high-quality decor.

More About the Mediterranean Diet

People living in senior living homes or residences offering memory care can all benefit from being served a Mediterranean diet. These senior assisted living community dieticians can adjust the diet for seniors with special food needs. In general, this diet has these requirements:

  • The use of olive oil for cooking and seasoning foods
  • Serving residents at least two servings of vegetables every day with one being in the form of a salad
  • Giving residents two to three servings of fruit a day. Fresh fruit juice can be used
  • Serving legumes such as beans three times per week
  • Serving fish or seafood three times or more a week
  • Serve white meats such as chicken instead of red meat or processed meats
  • Serve food with a tomato-type sauce at least twice per week. This sauce should be made by simmering tomato, garlic, and onion in olive oil
  • Include foods such as nuts, fish, eggs, seafood, dark chocolate, whole grain cereals, and low-fat cheese during the week.

An abundance of evidence that using a Mediterranean diet promotes higher longevity and delays the deterioration in health and the onset of dementia is available. This diet is a way of eating for the long term, not a fad or short-term weight loss tool. 

Other Ways Assisted Living Communities Can Help Residents 

In addition to a healthy diet, assisted living and memory care communities can help residents stay healthier by providing exercise regimens and other physical activities. They can prohibit smoking and limit the use of alcohol by their residents. Encouraging residents to stay mentally and socially active may involve adult education classes, group art or craft lessons or projects, music, volunteering, playing card games or other games, having a book club to encourage reading, giving creative writing classes or journalling classes, or teaching new languages. 

In addition, residents should be encouraged to make friends, keep in touch with family members and old friends, and take part in group activities such as field trips or games. 

Finally, seniors should have regular health check-ups and any health conditions should be treated. Seniors will live longer and enjoy life more if they feel good.

About our Senior Living Community Summerfield of Fresno

Summerfield of Fresno is a luxury assisted living community offering elegantly furnished senior living suites. We also offer respite care. We are a self or private-pay community for those who demand luxury and a long list of amenities. In addition to the elegantly furnished studio apartments, we offer in-house medical personnel, family-style meals following the Mediterranean diet, social and educational activities, housekeeping and laundry services, and more.