The Many Values of Communities Offering Memory Care Services

Dementia-related diseases can affect families in many ways. Watching a loved one become unable to care for themself is a stressful and worrisome reality for many people. Even more challenging is daily care. People with dementia forget to take their medicine, may wander, and can fail to perform daily grooming without assistance. Trying to balance the responsibility of a job, children, and helping a spouse or parent with dementia can overwhelm anyone. memory care services offer a convenient and loving option for California families who feel they cannot effectively protect their loved ones.

Identify Early Warnings

Dementia can seem to appear suddenly, but there are often early signs of the condition. Identifying the problem early and getting a diagnosis can help seniors to enter memory care services sooner. The benefits of the programs and oversight the communities offer can slow the progression of dementia to give families more time with their loved ones.

Common early warning signs include a noticeable increase in memory issues. People may forget things more often and forget recent events more easily. As dementia develops, there are often personality and behavioral changes. The individual may struggle to concentrate when this was not a concern in the past. People may become depressed, withdrawn, and less involved with their families.

The signs may go unnoticed because people mistake them as traditional changes with aging. Some may fail to notice the signs of dementia because they think their loved one is too young to have the problem. Dementia-related diseases can affect people sooner than most people expect. It is uncommon, but even those as young as 30 can develop the condition.

Find Knowledgeable Care

Families that choose senior living for their loved ones should know that memory care services can do more than keep people fed and give them medicine. The most skilled communities offer a variety of programs that engage the residents to help sharpen their skills and improve their memories. The comprehensive services can help determine the causes of dementia and look for ways to reverse symptoms when possible.

Allowing a loved one to access the services they need to slow the progression of their condition can give them additional months or years to enjoy their life. Activities and crafts can keep them more mentally and physically adept. Healthy meals also contribute to memory care and can help improve overall health. Exposure to full-time medical oversight ensures that every resident gets the medical treatment that is the most beneficial for them.

Keep People Protected 

People with dementia need specialized care. Studies show that people with dementia aged 70 and over need more than twice the care of their counterparts without a memory loss disease. It is a condition that requires families to choose a community prepared to meet their needs. All senior care focuses on safety but the need becomes even more urgent with dementia. 

Selecting the right community is about choosing a place that will protect the most vulnerable but allow them to lead an enjoyable life. Safety remains a priority but involves updated technology to track resident medical histories, understand their preferences and habits, and keep them supervised without over-controlling their days. Seniors with dementia need the opportunity to express themselves and do what they enjoy without feeling too managed by staff. Socializing, activities, and healthy meal plans ensure people remain as healthy and happy as possible.

Stay Fully Involved 

Moving a loved one into a senior community does not mean they cannot continue to stay connected with their family. Communities offer apps that provide updated information instantly with messages and photographs. These apps keep everyone informed and aware of the experiences and events occurring with their loved ones. Families can also review the meals provided in the community, see the planned events, and even join in digital and in-person events when possible.

Dementia-related diseases like Alzheimer’s take away the ability of people to make decisions and to care for themselves effectively. Most families will not have the time or the understanding of the disease to give their loved ones as safe a home as they deserve. A senior community can enable people to make new friends and have an enjoyable life while under the loving guidance of professional staff.

Privacy, respect, and a loving staff make Summerfield of Fresno a desirable senior community. Our residents enjoy comfortable suites and access to multiple in-house services, social activities, and family-style meals. We provide care for those who need moderate assistance, complete memory care services, and respite care.