Studies show the importance of socialization and the impact of isolation on seniors. According to medical reports, many seniors isolate themselves when living in the family home, especially if those individuals don’t have a lot of friends and rarely go out into the world. The impacts of isolation include detrimental effects on the person’s mental and physical health.

Housing options that are designed specifically for seniors offer activities and meal preparation options that help seniors socialize more. By reviewing why socialization is so important, families can step in and make recommendations for elderly loved ones and improve an individual’s health and well-being.

Balancing the Person’s Mood

By continuing to socialize in their retirement years, seniors are more likely to maintain a balanced mood and avoid major issues. Too often, elderly individuals will stay at home and won’t visit friends and family members much.

This form of self-isolation can lead to serious problems for seniors, especially if the individuals are experiencing any cognitive difficulties. By moving into a senior community, the residents have more opportunities to socialize.

Preventing Isolation and Depression

Many seniors stay in the family home after retirement and when all the kids move out. While this isn’t a bad thing if a couple continues to enjoy their empty nest, an individual who lives completely alone is more likely to become depressed and stop taking care of themselves.

As people age, depression can take a major toll on their physical and mental health. If the person moved into a community with people their age, there are more opportunities for dining with friends, and the individual won’t feel alone or isolated from everyone.

A Reduction in Anxiety Diagnosis

In the golden years, elderly individuals who stay in the family home are more likely to isolate too much and develop anxieties about the outside world. While not all seniors develop agoraphobia, the condition is common once a person has developed undiagnosed dementia. The lack of socialization can lead to these diagnoses and cause detrimental damage to the person’s health.

The person becomes fearful of others and won’t go outside to complete everyday tasks like shopping for groceries or completing exterior home maintenance. In a senior community, elderly individuals with dementia can get memory care services to help with activities of daily life.

Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle

By spending time with new friends, seniors enjoy the support and encouragement needed to stay healthy and exercise more. New friends can motivate the person to get outside for a walk or go to the community exercise room. The new companions can encourage others to eat meals together and socialize more.

Improving the Person’s Memory and Cognitive Function

When sharing stories about life, the activity can force the person to search their mind for details, and the effort increases memory and cognitive function. With new friends and more ways to socialize, seniors are more likely to share memories of life and talk about family members. These simple discussions do a world of good and keep the residents mentally fit.

Extended Longevity and Better Quality of Life

By staying social, many seniors improve their quality of life and extend their lives. Studies show that seniors who stay in the family home and away from others are likely to die prematurely because of the effects of loneliness and depression.

Great Homes for Seniors

At Summerfield at Fresno, we offer a variety of apartment options for independent seniors and individuals who need assistance. Our community is full of fresh faces and offers a new chance to make friends and socialize, and our residents tend to enjoy long and healthy lives. Families and seniors who want to learn more about our community are encouraged to get started by scheduling a private tour now.

Health statistics show the damaging effects of isolation and loneliness on seniors. According to the findings, seniors who remain in the family home long after their kids have moved out could face more than just empty nest syndrome. After a spouse dies and a person is left alone, seniors can become depressed and isolated from the entire world. And, if that happens, the individual could develop detrimental mental conditions such as agoraphobia.

Senior communities provide a wealth of benefits that encourage socializing. The communities host events each month to allow residents to get together and spend time around each other. The options help people make friends and stay happier. By reviewing why socialization is important, seniors learn why these communities are great places to live.