Many people are surprised to learn there are over 400 types of dementia. Although people over the age of 50 are most likely to develop the disease, symptoms of dementia can arise much earlier. When seniors begin exhibiting cognitive decline, they often need to enter an assisted living community. Therapy is an integral part of assisted living. With therapy, seniors transition to their new living arrangements with much less stress and are able to cope better with their diagnoses. 

Essential Advantages of Therapy Programs in Assisted Living

Physical and occupational therapy have both proven beneficial for those with dementia. Therapy has been demonstrated to improve the health and well-being of residents. In an assisted living community, therapy becomes an essential part of the care provided to residents.  

Therapy Allows Seniors to Remain Active and Engaged

Mobility impairments can quickly dissolve the well-being of seniors, especially when they first enter memory care. Being in a new environment and feeling as if they are losing freedoms becomes too much to handle for many. 

Thankfully, most communities offer extensive therapy opportunities to help seniors cope. Physical therapy is especially beneficial for helping seniors retain their mobility. When residents are active and engaged, they can perform tasks themselves and remain as independent as is safe. 

Therapy helps seniors improve muscle tone, strength, and range of motion. Many seniors find they no longer have severe discomfort after getting involved in various types of therapy. 

Therapy Reduces the Dangers of Health Issues

Being confined to a wheelchair or bed often produces great declines in health for seniors in senior living communities. Therapy lessens the risk of seniors developing health issues, such as ulcers, joint disorders, and pneumonia. Maintaining their strength and mobility is an integral part of therapy. 

Therapy Helps Seniors Recover From Illnesses and Injuries Faster

After a serious illness or injury, seniors must rest, but resting in bed continuously often makes the recovery process longer and more arduous. Studies have shown impressive results when seniors go through therapy during the recovery process. Therapy, when approached at a reasonable rate, is conducive to healing and allows seniors to bounce back faster than they would laying in bed for days or weeks. 

Therapy Improves Overall Health

Seniors are more prone to developing physical ailments that can contribute to declines in their cognitive functions. Conditions like pneumonia occur at an alarming rate among seniors. Therapy incorporates exercise, which helps seniors improve their overall health. 

Therapists help residents adopt a plan that addresses their medical requirements, exercise needs, and health issues. Not only does the therapist draw up the plan, they work with the resident to ensure it is followed and that the resident receives the complementary services they need for successfully reaching their health goals. 

Therapy Helps Residents Retain Their Independence

Independence is a significant issue facing seniors. When people enter assisted living homes, they are no longer as independent as they once were, leading to problems with depression at times. Therapy seeks to make the transition easier by helping seniors retain as much independence as possible. 

The goal of therapy is to raise the morale of residents. When residents feel as if they are in control of their lives, they are less likely to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. Therapy also helps seniors address the feelings of loneliness and isolation that may occur as they grow accustomed to new surroundings and people. 

Therapy Has Been Proven to Improve Quality of Life

The quality of life of seniors is essential to maintain. Keeping seniors engaged and active gives them a purpose in life and allows them to feel alive again. Quality of life is critical for dementia sufferers who may experience bouts of cognitive decline that become difficult to manage. 

Therapy seeks to help seniors and their loved ones separate the disease from the person. This treatment also offers seniors the integral socialization opportunities they need for better mental and emotional health. 

Select Assisted Living That Offers Therapy

When researching assisted living opportunities, choose one that offers residents therapy. Therapy is essential for all seniors but is especially integral for those suffering from forms of dementia. Many people are surprised to learn what a significant difference adding therapy can have to their loved one’s health and well-being.

At Summerfield of Fresno Memory Care, we are committed to our residents and treat them with dignity and respect. Our elegantly furnished 56-suite community offers the ultimate comfort for our residents. Here at Summerfield of Fresno, we provide our residents with physical and occupational therapy groups to aid their life transitions.